The Atomic Energy Commission of Syria (AECS) was founded in mid seventies. In 1981, AECS assumed its duties as a governmental agency responsible for peaceful utilizations of atomic and nuclear technologies.

Research departments, facilities and laboratories were founded and manned with skillful workforce towards carrying out basic and applied research in the fields of atomic and nuclear applications.



AECS has rapidly gained an undisputable reputation as a center of excellence among national and regional counterparts.

The AECS consists of scientific departments and several technical offices that directly report to the Director General. A number of administrative divisions also support the Director General.

AECS has collaborated and continue to do so with Syrian universities and government institutions. Several technical and scientific co-operation agreements were signed with Arab and regional parties.

The AECS represents Syrian Arab Republic in regional and international gatherings related to nuclear and atomic issues. in 1963, Syria became a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that is based in Vienna, Austria. It has fulfilled its international obligations with respect to nuclear safeguards by signing the NP treaty in 1967. AECS is actively complying with radiation safely regulations.

As a co-founder and prominent member of the Arab Atomic Energy Agency (AAEA) that is based in Tunisia. The AECS has participated in holding training courses and workshops and hosted the 3rd Arab conference on peaceful uses of Atomic Energy which was held in Damascus, 9-13/12/1996.

Finally, The AECS has ensured quality scientific research that manifest itself in numerous research papers published in highly respected international journals with well known reputation among scientific community worldwide.

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