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Determining the optimum drilling sites for groundwater wells based on the hydro-geoelectrical parameters and weighted overlay approach via GIS in Salah Al-Din area, central IraqIranian Journal of Geophysics Z.T. Abdulrazzaq,  O.E Agbasi,  A Alnaib,   J Asfahani Geology2023
Developing and calibrating a new approach of geoelectrical acquisition for detecting active tectonic features, Northern Dead Sea Fault System, SyriaGeofisica International J Asfahani ,  W Al-Fares Geology2023
Results of Genetic Diagnosis and FRAX Model vs Results of DEXA (1-0)Clinical Images and Case ReportsE Shahrour,  B Al halabi,   W Al-Achkar ,  A Hassan,  H YazigiMolecular biology and biothecnology2023
Relationship of LRP5rs121908669(G171R) genotypes to femur T-score valuesJournal of Pharmaceutical Negative ResultsE Shahrour,  B Al halabi,  A Dabboul,   W Al-Achkar ,  A Hassan,  A Khamis,  H YazigiMolecular biology and biothecnology2023
Elemental characterization of freeze dried domestic animals` milk using ion beam analysis techniquesApplied Radiation and IsotopesA Wassouf,  M Alwazzeh,  K AbbasPhysics2023
Natural Gamma Ray Borehole Logging Technique for Estimating Radiogenic Heat Production in Basaltic Environment, Case study from Kodana region, Southern SyriaGeofisica International J Asfahani Geology2023
Thermal lens investigation of the Acid Blue 29 using dual beam z-scan techniqueOptikA Ghanem,   M D Zidan ,  M S. EL-Daher,  A AllahhamPhysics2022
Radioactive Heat Production Characterization of Ar-Rassafeh Badyieh Area (Area-2), Syria Using Aerial Gamma Ray Spectrometric and Fractal Modeling TechniquesGeofisica International J Asfahani Geology2022
Acute myeloid leukemia due to germline CEBPA mutation in a Syrian familyMolecular genetics & genomic medicineA Wafa,  B Ali,  F Moasses,  M Kheder,  A Aljapawe,  B Al halabi,   W Al-Achkar Molecular biology and biothecnology2022
Synthesis and nonlinear optical study of the hybrid salt: [C12H14N2] [Fe(CN)5(NO)]·5H2OJournal of Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials M D Zidan ,   M Al Ktaifani ,  M S. EL-Daher,  A Allahham,  A GhanemPhysics2022